Build, Test, and Automate your ideal trading strategies.
No code skills required.

Drag & Drop Strategy

Easily create complex trading strategies without any coding knowledge. Tradx intuitive drag & drop editor allows you to connect blocks to design your own unique strategies.

Visual Editor

Visual Strategy Builder

Save time and effort by creating strategies visually, without the need to learn complex programming languages.

With Tradx simple interface, you can bring your trading ideas to life efficiently and effectively.

Component Library


Leverage the power of pre-built components made for traders' needs. From indicators to logic, entry and exit components.

With a lot of documentation.


Backtest Metrics

Check the profit your ideas generate with the most recent trading data. Before risking your money in real life.

By simulating your strategy, TRADX gives you the information you need to decide: to keep improving it or to run it live.

Upcoming Features

Unleashing the Future of Trading: Our exciting feature roadmap.
Stay ahead of the curve with our next wave of trading innovation.


To make it easier and easier for you, we are producing a series of tutorials to be a starting point for your strategy development journey.

More Components

Components are never enough. Soon your library of components will have a lot more new resources - paired up with great documentation.

Better Interface

We have great updates on managing your multiple strategy projects, charting for understand your strategy better, and action feedbacks to help you to build your strategy faster!

AI Copilot

TRADX is built to allow AI to do the hard work for you. Coming soon, you'll have a helper to create strategies from scratch for you. We can't wait to reveal what is next!

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