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Our Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy, Guidelines, and Disclaimers

At the core of TRADX ("TRADX," "our," or "we") is a profound respect for your privacy. Our primary goal is to safeguard the personal information you entrust to us. We commit to sharing your personal details with third-party entities only when it's essential for delivering the services and data you've solicited (as expounded upon within this privacy commitment).

Who We Are

TRADX acts as the principal custodian of your personal information and exclusively operates the platform ("Platform"), along with TRADX applications for both mobile and desktop, and all TRADX-related services. The methods through which TRADX acquires information from its users are elucidated in subsequent sections of this document.

The scope of this privacy commitment encompasses the personal details we obtain when you engage with our Platform, register an account, or utilize our tools and services. This document offers insights into the types of personal information we gather, the reasons behind such collection, its utilization, the legal framework guiding its processing, its preservation, and the circumstances under which it might be disseminated.

Within this document, "personal information" signifies any data that can be connected to you and allows for your identification.
By engaging with our platform or providing your personal details, you are affirming your acceptance of this privacy commitment's stipulations. We urge you to peruse this document meticulously. Should any aspect of this privacy commitment not resonate with you, we advise discontinuing the use of our services and removing your TRADX account.

Data You Share With UsAccount Creation

Should you opt to register an account, certain personal details are required to provide you with extended TRADX services. You also have the option to share more about yourself as outlined below.
During the sign-up process, you'll be prompted to share:Your chosen username and email address.Your login credentials from a select set of online platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo!, or LinkedIn.For subscription purposes, your full name, and mailing address might be required.

In particular instances, phone number verification may be necessary. Profile settings also allow you to include more about yourself, though this is purely optional.

Publicly visible details include:Your chosen avatar, signature, “about” section, geographical location, Twitter details, and personal website.
Details kept confidential include:Full name, contact number, email address, organization name, and residential address.

For users opting for advanced subscription levels, our third-party payment partner will handle and process payment-related information necessary to manage and process your subscription. More information on this is discussed under "Payment Data".


Any personal information you willingly share during interactions with us, whether via phone, email, or other means, will also be stored and processed.Cookies and Additional TechnologiesBrowser cookies, which are small text documents stored on your device, are utilized for site administration, statistical analysis, security, anti-spam measures, and advertising goals. Cookies enhance your browsing experience on our platform and facilitate platform optimization. Our Cookie Policy provides comprehensive details on cookie usage.We also employ web beacons (minute images with a unique tag) for analytical, advertising, and service enhancement purposes, as further explained in our Cookie Policy.

Server Logs

TRADX, like many digital platforms, employs server logs for administrative purposes. These logs capture data such as IP addresses (more on this in "Device Data" section), browser varieties, internet connection providers, referring/exit pages, the type of device used, and timestamps. The primary objectives of using these logs include overseeing site functions, gathering broad data for platform enhancement, and monitoring adherence to our terms of use. It's important to highlight that in these server logs, IP addresses are not connected to individually identifiable information.

Device Data

When you utilize TRADX, we gather specific details about your device: the device's IP address (which can hint at your geographic location), the device's operating system, and the browser version. This data collection aims to safeguard our platform against spam and potential misuse. In some areas, IP addresses might be viewed as personal information, and we respect and manage them based on this privacy policy.

User Insights

As you navigate our website, desktop software, or any widgets we might extend to third-party platforms, we automatically collect user insights. This encompasses generic device details, unique device markers (like the Google Advertising ID for Android users or the Advertising Identifier (IDFA) for iOS users), internet connection data, and interaction metrics with our platform. We ensure the data remains pseudonymous and it doesn't incorporate identifiable personal details. This information assists us in refining our services, fostering enhancements, and spearheading novel features. For these objectives, we may use both in-house and external analytics tools. More about external analytic tools is elucidated in the "Analytics Partners" section below.

Third-Party Data Sharing

Should you opt to log into TRADX using social network credentials (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo!, or LinkedIn), these platforms share your username and associated email address with us. We have no control or liability regarding how these third-party platforms manage or share your data.

Utilization of Personal Data

The way we handle personal data primarily revolves around offering our users the services they've signed up for, meeting certain valid interests, and ensuring compliance with relevant laws. We have a structured approach to using personal data and often don’t depend on user consent unless no other legitimate basis exists. Should we require your consent, we’ll communicate this to you transparently.

User Preferences

Each TRADX user has specific preferences that shape their interaction with our platform. These preferences, such as strategy configuration, user interface customizations, and other settings, are solely for enhancing user interaction with TRADX. Rest assured, individual preference configurations remain private and aren’t shared externally.However, it's worth noting that once you set up an account, other members or visitors might view your public profile and any public data you decide to display.

Account Management and User Details

Your personal contact details, including your username, email, or phone number, are utilized for:Ensuring the authenticity and safety of your TRADX account, fortifying our platform's security, and safeguarding against malicious activities like spam or fraud.Recognizing, verifying, and managing your TRADX account.Dispatching an initial email to new users for email address validation.(For premium users) Delivering specific subscription-related services and engaging with you regarding the same. This process is crucial to fulfill your requests.Premium users might also get billing-related notifications in the event of complications with auto-renewal subscription charges. Opting out of these specific notifications isn’t possible, but users retain the option to terminate their account.

Account Deactivation

You have the option not to use our website and platform, and you can request an account termination via your Profile settings. After making this request, there's a 30-day window before the final deletion. During this period, you can reverse the termination request.Should you finalize your account deletion, the primary personal data linked to your account will be removed. However, some elements, like user-generated strategies and user-to-user messages, will remain intact. Retaining such data ensures the platform's smooth operation and caters to essential business needs, such as security checks and auditing.Be mindful that public data from your account might persist on search engines or with third-party entities even after deletion. Additionally, any strategies you've made public or messages you've sent to other users will persist.

Promotional Communication

Occasionally, we may send you promotional emails about offerings similar to what you've engaged with on our platform or events and other content that might be of interest. Unless you've informed us otherwise, we'll consider it okay to contact you this way. Other types of promotional content will be shared with you only if you gave us explicit permission at the time of providing your personal data. If at any point you wish to unsubscribe from such communications, you can click the "unsubscribe" link found in our emails (for more details, refer to the "User Entitlements" section).

Community Updates

We may send you email notifications regarding activities on the platform – for instance, when someone adopts a strategy you made, or when there are new strategies from creators you follow. Should you prefer not to receive these updates, modify your preferences in your Profile settings.

Service Updates

In the unlikely event of major updates or extended service downtimes, we consider it our duty to inform our user base. Thus, you might receive an email from us highlighting such significant changes or notifications.

Support Assistance

When you raise a query or report an issue via our support channel, we utilize your contact information and any relevant device data, server records, and supportive materials (like images or videos) you provide to address your concerns effectively.

Processing Grounds and Interests

We may handle your personal data guided by certain foundational business purposes. These encompass:Addressing any questions, feedback, or concerns you relay to us;Optimizing our services to ensure an enriched experience when users interact with our platform and its associated applications;Enhancing the capabilities of our desktop and mobile platforms;Coordinating data across our affiliated entities for systematic reasons, to provide services, and concerning our promotional endeavors, barring instances where explicit user consent is warranted;Providing updates or details about our offerings that align with or are similar to what you’ve engaged with in the past (note: users have the ability to opt out or decline these communications upon providing us their email, or can express at any point their preference against such updates);Transforming the collected data into anonymous, aggregated, or other non-personally identifiable forms, which might be used for various business needs including sharing with partners, associates, or other third parties for analytical, market intelligence, or commercial purposes;Upholding our internal tech and business operations, such as troubleshooting, statistical analyses, testing, research, and security measures to safeguard our platform and data infrastructure;Meeting legal requirements, liaising with authoritative bodies, upholding our User Agreement, safeguarding our operational integrity and the rights and safety of all stakeholders, and taking necessary actions for legal, preventive, or protective reasons. This might necessitate the sharing of user information with regulatory or law enforcement agencies, especially when mandated by legal protocols, which might include court mandates or other regulatory instructions.Within this privacy framework, “processing grounds” denotes TRADX and its associated entities' rationale in managing our enterprise. When your personal data undergoes processing based on these grounds, we ensure we weigh any potential repercussions on you and your rights under prevailing data protection statutes. Our foundational purposes don't automatically eclipse your rights. We refrain from employing personal data for pursuits where our foundational interests may overshadow the potential implications on our users, barring scenarios where we secure clear consent or such actions are mandated or sanctioned by law. Users retain the right to challenge the handling of their personal data rooted in our processing grounds at any moment, especially if there are specific personal circumstances (further details on user rights are available in the subsequent "User Entitlements" segment).

Under What Circumstances Do We Share Personal Information

We value your trust, and your data is treated with the utmost respect and confidentiality. On certain occasions, we may share your personal data, under these scenarios:

Third-Party Support:
Much like numerous businesses, TRADX works closely with specific third parties to maintain the seamless operation of our platform. These entities might, at times, handle your data to:i. Facilitate transaction processes.ii. Offer vital IT solutions and support.iii. Analyze user behavior and platform interactions.iv. Promote digital services.v. Aid in sales and marketing efforts.

Billing Details:
Our valued subscribers must share payment specifics for processing transactions. Your payment details remain in the safe custody of our payment facilitators. TRADX never directly handles or accesses these sensitive details. Communication related to payment issues would be done through the contact data you provide. For insights into our payment facilitators' data practices, consider reviewing their respective privacy policies.

External Data Merchants:
Should you purchase market metrics or other data through third-party entities integrated with TRADX, we may need to share specific contact details to ensure you get proper access.

TRADX's Affiliate Network:
Certain services you seek might require our affiliate entities to process your data, strictly for delivering the requested service.

Brokerage Data Share:
When you initiate a broker account via our platform, we transfer the essential data you've submitted, such as name, contact, and country details, to the broker for account setup.

Data Analysis Partners:
To refine and enhance our platform, we might work with third-party analysts who gauge platform performance and user interactions.

Business Transitions:
If TRADX undergoes any mergers, acquisitions, or asset sales, user data might be part of the assets reviewed or transferred.

Legal and Administrative Duties:
We might share your data due to regulatory obligations or to enforce our user agreements and protect our infrastructure and partners. Such sharing might include, but isn't limited to, coordination with legal authorities.

Targeted Advertising:
TRADX may display ads on the platform. For a more user-centric ad experience, we may deploy re-marketing tools. These tools don't share your personal data with advertisers but allow for more relevant ad placements based on general user behavior.

Security Measures:
We deploy various tools, such as reCAPTCHA, to safeguard our platform from unwanted intrusions, ensuring a safe user environment. Such tools may process data like IP addresses to differentiate between genuine users and potential threats.

Video Content Sharing:
Our integration with video platforms, such as YouTube, facilitates easy content sharing. Should you opt to use this, you'll authenticate with your account, but TRADX only accesses the data you choose to share. Any permissions can be revoked through your account settings on the respective platform.

Visibility of Information on TRADXUser Profiles

When you establish a profile on TRADX, certain information you include becomes accessible to other TRADX users or visitors. While exploring trading strategies on our platform, they can view your trading activity (like developed and shared strategies, market affiliations, frequently discussed Symbols, etc.), networking data (followers, lists of those you're following, strategies you've shown interest in, and your interactions), personal details (profile description, geographical data, linked social media accounts, personal websites, etc.), and your community involvement (role indicators, engagement metrics such as reputation scores, interactions count, following count, account creation date, and your most recent access). For privacy reasons, your email remains hidden unless you expressly decide to display it.

User-Generated Content

TRADX offers registered users the opportunity to share their strategy visuals, annotations, ideas, algorithmic scripts, discussions, and other user-generated content with the broader online community through our sharing functions.When you utilize these sharing capabilities, you endow TRADX with a lasting, irreversible, and royalty-exempt permission to present and disseminate the said content, along with the associated username, rendering your identity discernible.Moreover, you can opt to designate your content as "restricted access". This ensures that your content won't appear in your public profile or any lists of your strategies, scripts, discussions, etc., and it won't be recognized by search tools. Nevertheless, individuals possessing the direct URL to your content will have the ability to access it. You have the discretion to determine which users obtain this URL.In instances where you provide feedback or engage with content, TRADX also showcases certain details related to your engagement: this includes specifics like the date, timestamp, and the platform used (e.g., "TRADX for Windows" if the interaction originated from our dedicated application).

External Platform LinksNavigational Connections to Other Platforms

From time to time, TRADX might integrate hyperlinks directing users to external platforms. These platforms operate independently and may have their distinct privacy guidelines. TRADX doesn't hold authority over, nor can it be held accountable for, the content, actions, or privacy guidelines of these independent platforms. We urge users to delve into the privacy statements of any platform they access through TRADX.

Rights for Users in the EEA and UK

If you're a resident within the European Economic Area (EEA) or the United Kingdom (UK), specific data protection laws grant you particular rights concerning the personal information we possess. These rights can sometimes be subject to certain limitations.For our users based in the EEA or UK, please get in touch with us to exercise your rights.

Inquiring about Your Data

Upon request, we can verify whether we're processing your personal information. If we are, we'll offer you a snapshot of that data and any related information. If further copies are needed, a reasonable administrative fee may apply, though this is subject to discussion.

Limiting Data Processing

In specific scenarios, you can request us to limit or 'pause' the use of your personal data, especially if you challenge its accuracy or our right to process it. We'll inform you before any resumption of data processing. If we've shared your personal data with third parties, we'll inform them of any restrictions. Additionally, when feasible and permitted by law, we'll let you know which third parties have access to your data, allowing you to engage them directly.

Rights to Object

Your rights include:Requesting us to halt processing your personal data. If we are processing based on a valid interest, we'll halt unless there are compelling reasons for continuation.Opposing our use of your data for direct marketing. You can opt-out by selecting the "unsubscribe" link in our promotional emails.Opting out from receiving email notifications (like updates from a user you follow). Adjust these preferences in your Account Settings.

Revoking Consent

If we use your consent to manage your personal data, you can revoke this consent whenever you want. This won't compromise previous lawful data processes. Generally, we rely on legal grounds other than consent, but if we do need it, we'll make it clear at the outset.

Reviewing and Modifying Data

It's your right to amend erroneous personal data or fill in incomplete data. Users can access and adjust their information via their Account Settings. When changes are made, and if we've shared your data with third parties, we'll notify them accordingly. Additionally, we'll let you know which third parties received your data, so you can liaise with them if necessary.

Data Deletion

Users have the right to choose not to use TRADX and can request the removal of their personal data under specific conditions. We will notify any third parties we've shared your data with about this removal. If feasible and lawful, we'll also let you know which third parties have your data, so you can reach out directly.

How Long We Keep Your Data

We retain your personal data until (1) you request account deletion, or (2) as mandated by laws or for valid business needs, such as for financial or legal documentation. Even after account removal, certain data might be preserved.Once the retention period lapses, we will safely dispose of your data as per relevant laws. Sometimes, we might anonymize data, making it non-identifiable.If you've approved marketing communications, we'll store your data until you opt-out. The opt-out can be done through the 'unsubscribe' link in our emails, and more methods might be introduced later.

Transferring Your Data

You have the right to get the personal data you provided to us, either with your consent or for our mutual contract. We will furnish this in a clear, universally acceptable, and machine-readable manner, allowing you to use it elsewhere.

Transfers of Personal Data

TRADX operates primarily from Brazil. The data we gather through our platform may be stored on servers situated in Brazil and potentially other locations, as we engage with service providers and associate entities to fulfill the purposes highlighted before. This process is integral to the functionality and efficiency of our services.It is crucial to note that some regions might not offer the same degree of protection for your personal data compared to Brazilian standards. In cases where we might move your personal data outside Brazil, we commit to implementing measures to ensure that your data remains protected with a satisfactory level of security, and your rights are consistently upheld.For further details on the protective steps we have in place, feel free to get in touch with us.Rights of Users in Specific JurisdictionsFor users hailing from certain jurisdictions, there might be particular rights concerning the collection and utilization of your personal data. Here are some of those rights:

Information Access:
Users have the right to ask us about the nature and extent of the personal data we've gathered over the past 12 months. More specifics regarding the types of personal data we amass can be found in the 'Data We Collect' section, while details on third-party shares can be seen in the 'Data Sharing Circumstances' section. Reach out to us for any requests pertaining to data portability.

Data Deletion:
Users have the right to request the removal of any personal data we've collected. More information on this can be located in the 'Account Termination' section.

Non-Discrimination Assurance:
As users exercise any rights, we guarantee that there will be no unfair treatment in terms of pricing or services. Additionally, we don't provide users any monetary benefits or service variations in exchange for the sale of personal data.