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Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Terms of Use, Guidelines, and Disclaimers

By engaging with our platform through, our Discord channel, our Windows and Mac applications, or any associated linked sites, or by utilizing our services ("TRADX"), you acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions ("Terms of Use"). If any part of these terms is unacceptable to you, please refrain from using TRADX. TRADX is currently developed and operated by an independent team of developers and hasn't been incorporated as a formal legal entity. Throughout these terms, the platform is referred to as "us", "we", or "our"."

1. Modifications to the Terms of Use

We hold the authority to update or revise these Terms of Use at our discretion. Your continued interaction and use of TRADX subsequent to any changes confirms your acceptance of the updated terms. For the most current version of our Terms of Use, we encourage users to periodically review this page.

2. Changes to TRADX

We reserve the discretion to alter or cease any feature or service within TRADX without advanced notice. In situations involving such modifications, we do not guarantee the backward compatibility of our services and Application Programming Interface (API).

3. Ownership of Information; License to Use TRADX; Redistribution of Data

Unless explicitly specified, the entirety of rights, titles, and interests in TRADX, inclusive of all content accessible via TRADX or our services across all languages, formats, and media worldwide, such as copyrights and trademarks, remain the sole property of the developers behind TRADX or our partners.

TRADX is committed to presenting users with a secure and intuitive platform to access market data, analysis, charts, and other trading-centric content. Consequently, we strictly prohibit the utilization of any automated data extraction methodologies, like scripts, APIs, screen scraping, data mining, robots, or other similar tools, irrespective of purpose. The use of tools or technology designed to circumvent security measures, which prevent unauthorized duplication or dissemination of TRADX's content, is expressly forbidden.

The content found within TRADX, such as market data and related information, is strictly for consumption within our website, Discord community, or app interfaces. Our binding agreements with Data Providers prevent actions like downloading, sublicensing, assigning, selling, leasing, or otherwise monetizing TRADX content without obtaining prior explicit written consent from TRADX. It's paramount that users respect these terms, which are in place to protect TRADX, its data providers, and the entire user community, ensuring a reliable and uniform platform for everyone.

Any contraventions to these guidelines may result in significant actions, encompassing restrictions for users or visitors, account suspensions, and potential legal actions. TRADX also retains the right to initiate legal action against users who violate these terms to maintain the platform's credibility and to safeguard the rights and interests of its data providers and the wider user community.
Except where explicitly permitted in the previous sections, you agree not to market, monetize, or reproduce any services or content in any manner or for any purpose, without obtaining the prior written consent of TRADX and our Data Providers. In addition, unless you have secured written permission from both TRADX and the relevant Data Providers, you are not to reproduce, in any form, the software or documentation provided, including actions like translating, decompiling, disassembling, or creating derivative versions.

The commercial use of our services or APIs, unless expressly allowed by an additional agreement, is strictly prohibited. We neither provide warranties nor accept any responsibility or liability related to third-party services or software. Please refer to a specific section below for comprehensive information regarding third-party software.
For inquiries about potential commercial partnerships or collaborations with TRADX, please reach out to us via our Discord channel.

4. Acknowledgment and Usage

Users accessing and using the TRADX platform at can utilize visuals, charts, and graphics from TRADX for various purposes. This can include research, media, articles, educational content, broadcasts, and other public communications. Any use of TRADX visuals must clearly credit TRADX, such as "Visual representation from TRADX" or "Visualization by TRADX." All credits should remain unchanged. Misuse or unauthorized changes can result in restrictions or bans from TRADX. We also reserve the right to take further legal action if necessary.

5. External Links and Advertisements

TRADX may feature links directing to external third-party platforms. While we aim to offer quality links, it's important to note that some external sites could contain material that might be inappropriate or not align with our values. While we offer these links for your convenience, TRADX doesn't necessarily endorse their content or any services they might offer. Interactions or transactions with any advertisers or entities found through TRADX links are solely between you and the said party. TRADX holds no responsibility for any potential disputes or losses arising from such engagements. We must also stress that unauthorized solicitations on TRADX are strictly prohibited. Breach of this can result in consequences ranging from account suspensions to legal actions.

6. Content Accuracy and Third-Party Information

While TRADX endeavors to provide accurate and up-to-date information, we can't always guarantee its reliability, timeliness, or relevance to individual needs. Some data might be sourced from reputed institutions or organizations renowned for their credibility. However, various intrinsic factors, like potential human or technical errors, might affect the accuracy or sequencing of information. TRADX does not warranty or bear responsibility for third-party content, including scripts, strategies, and other external insights. Users are encouraged to approach third-party content with discernment, and any reliance on such is strictly at the user's discretion.

7. Investment and Trading Risks

Trading and investing in securities (engaging in the buying, selling, or holding of securities and other investment vehicles) involve substantial risks, and decisions, especially in "Day Trading," can lead to significant financial losses. It's essential to consult with financial advisors before making trading decisions. Evaluate if such activities align with your financial goals and risk appetite. TRADX is a tool and doesn't offer investment advice. We aren't responsible for losses or damages from actions based on our platform's information.

8. Limitations of Hypothetical Results

Hypothetical trading outcomes come with their set of constraints. It's essential to recognize that projected profits or losses might not be reflective of actual trading results. One significant flaw of hypothetical predictions is that they are often crafted in hindsight, without facing the real-time challenges of the trading world. They don’t account for the financial risks present in live trading situations. Factors such as the resilience to sustain losses or adherence to a trading strategy amidst challenging times can dramatically alter real-world results. Many unpredictable market-related variables can skew the accuracy of hypothetical projections, leading to disparities in expected and actual outcomes.

9. TRADX Account Creation and Responsibility

To unlock enhanced features on TRADX, such as saving or sharing strategies, registration is mandatory. By selecting "Register", "Join", or similar confirmations, you agree to follow these Terms of Use.By registering, you confirm that:You have the legal ability to enter contracts.No laws in your jurisdiction prevent you from using TRADX.The information provided during registration is accurate and current. You pledge to update this data as necessary.If we find inconsistencies or inaccuracies in your details, TRADX may suspend or restrict your account. The content you provide should be your own and respect all intellectual property rights. If using third-party content, you confirm you've acquired necessary permissions. TRADX can remove content violating these terms without prior notice.

10. Using TRADX as a Non-Professional

As we provide real-time market data, we need to define the status of each member. When using TRADX's market data as a 'Non-Professional', you affirm:You use market data strictly for personal, non-business reasons.You have no affiliations or certifications with entities like the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) or international counterparts.No professional associations require you to register with financial regulators.You aren't a financial advisor, don't offer investment counsel, and your TRADX usage isn't tied to a business role.Your trading uses only your funds, without third-party support.You don't trade on behalf of others or have agreements sharing trading profits.No incentives, like workspace or tools, are given in exchange for your trading or financial advisory services.

11. Data Transformation Process

We employ a unique mechanism that takes raw market information and refines it to generate the displayed pricing, which is further utilized by our strategy calculation mechanism. This transformed data originates from multiple avenues and can be a fusion of multiple sources.

Clients are strictly barred from accessing raw data or attempting to deconstruct it in any way. This standard refinement process is applied across all our markets.

12. Security and Access Control

It's your duty to ensure the secrecy of any username and email credentials used during registration and subsequent access to our platform. Safeguarding your password and account falls under your responsibility, making you accountable for all actions under your account. You pledge to: (a) promptly inform TRADX of any security breaches or unauthorized activities related to your account, and (b) log out at the end of each session. TRADX shall not bear any liability for damages or losses resulting from your negligence.

TRADX considers proprietary information as confidential to the user. Such data is shielded from unauthorized access, usage, or disclosure similarly to personal details. Please review our Privacy Policy for more insights.

13. Subscription and Termination of Service

By registering on, you acknowledge that you've read and accepted our Terms of Use. As of now, TRADX offers its services at no charge.

Although our platform is free, we ask that you maintain the integrity of your usage. This means abiding by our guidelines and respecting other users. We reserve the right to limit or terminate access for any users who do not comply with these terms.

Should TRADX decide to offer premium plans or additional services in the future, users will be given clear notice of any applicable fees, billing cycles, and terms related to cancellations or refunds.

Even though our services are currently free, it's vital to remain informed about any future changes. We recommend that users frequently review our Terms of Use and other guidelines, which can be updated from time to time.

If you wish to terminate your account or discontinue using TRADX, please contact us. Keep in mind that deleting your account will remove any data, strategies, or other content you've added or created on the platform.

We prioritize the community's safety and well-being. Our moderators, official representatives of TRADX, have the authority to issue warnings or even ban users who violate our guidelines. In cases of bans, while direct interactions may be limited, your account and its associated data remain accessible.

TRADX operates primarily out of Brazil, with all services provided directly by our team. Should we collaborate with other entities or subsidiaries in the future for any operational purpose, users will be notified accordingly.

14. User Contributions and Feedback

When you share ideas, suggestions, content, documents, or any other input ("Contributions") with TRADX through any of our communication channels, such as feedback forms or our community channels, you acknowledge and agree to the following:

(a) Your Contributions do not carry any obligations of confidentiality or proprietary rights.

(b) TRADX is under no commitment to handle your Contributions as confidential information.

(c) TRADX reserves the freedom to use, share, disregard, or decline involvement with your Contributions across any media worldwide, at our exclusive discretion.

(d) TRADX might already be in the process of researching or creating concepts that resemble your Contributions.

(e) Any Contributions you offer will be considered the property of TRADX without any obligations on our end.

(f) You waive any claims for compensation or remuneration from TRADX related to your Contributions.

15. Indemnification

You commit to safeguarding and absolving TRADX, along with our associated entities, partners, directors, agents, staff, collaborators, and licensees, from all liabilities, claims, or demands, inclusive of justifiable legal expenses, initiated by any third party due to or resulting from the content you introduce, share, dispatch, adjust, or otherwise present through TRADX's platform, your interactions with TRADX's services, your linkage to the TRADX platform, your breach of these terms, or your infringement of another party's rights.

16. Account Closure and Termination

Should you wish to end your association with TRADX, you can request the deletion of your account. Account termination can be initiated by reaching out to us on our Discord channel. Upon your request, we will erase personal data linked with your account. However, specific personal information may be preserved if it's integrated into core datasets vital to our platform or present in communications you've dispatched via our platform. This retention is essential for maintaining the consistency of site data and our legitimate operational interests, which encompasses security, auditing, and other valid concerns (for a detailed understanding, please consult our Privacy Policy). Any Contributions you've made public on TRADX might persist on our platform based on our judgment. Once a Contribution is shared, it becomes a component of the shared trading wisdom and is preserved to uphold transparency and ensure the trustworthiness of our platform's reputation. This approach is pivotal in ensuring that users maintain an honest representation of their ideas and contributions.You understand that TRADX holds the right, without prior intimation, to instantly terminate, curtail, or put your TRADX account and any related email on hold, as well as restrict access to TRADX's services. Causes for such actions encompass, but aren't limited to:

(a) transgressions or breaches of the Terms of Use or any other associated directives or policies;

(b) directives from law enforcement or regulatory bodies;

(c) significant alterations or discontinuation of TRADX services or any segment of it;

(d) unforeseen technical or security complications;

(e) prolonged durations of inactivity on your part; and

(f) your involvement in deceptive or unlawful activities.

You accept that any decisions related to terminations, access restrictions, or suspensions for valid reasons will be determined solely by TRADX. TRADX shall bear no liability to you or any third-party regarding the closure of your account, any linked email, or curbing access to TRADX's services.

17. Communication Preferences

Upon establishing an account with TRADX, you consent to allow TRADX to utilize your email for dispatching marketing content, service-centric updates, pivotal announcements, special promotions, and similar communications. If you wish to opt out of these communications, you can do so by following the unsubscription link provided in the emails.
Alright. Based on the reference you've given and the information about TRADX, I'll rephrase the content accordingly.

18. External Components

Our platform, both the website and applications, may incorporate components provided by external entities. These components are included with the permissions and terms set by these third-party providers ("External Components"). TRADX explicitly refrains from making any guarantees or assurances about these External Components. Be aware that when utilizing these External Components, you're bound by the terms and policies set by their respective providers, not by this Terms of Use or our Privacy Policy.

19. Strategies & Visual Scripts

You confirm that you possess all necessary intellectual property rights in your Strategies or Visual Scripts, including but not limited to patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, or any other proprietary rights. If your content incorporates third-party elements, you assure that you have acquired the proper rights to use and share such materials. You pledge not to introduce content that infringes upon third-party rights, including but not limited to copyrights, patents, and privacy rights, unless you have appropriate permissions or ownership of these rights.
The responsibility for any Strategy or Visual Script you construct lies solely with you. TRADX holds no responsibility for how your Strategies or Visual Scripts are used or misused by any user, nor for your use or misuse of another user's content.

By employing our platform's features to share your Strategies or Visual Scripts, you grant TRADX an everlasting, worldwide, non-revocable, royalty-free license to:

- Showcase your Strategy or Visual Script and associate it with your user handle;- Make accessible the structure of your open Visual Scripts or Strategies;- Display, utilize, and make available your publicly shared or protected Strategies or Visual Scripts to all users, or restricted content to those you've granted access.

TRADX retains the right to withdraw your content without prior notice if we reasonably deduce that you've breached this Terms of Use.
You can share your Strategies or Visual Scripts under any permissible license. If you fail to specify a license within the description of your Strategy or Visual Script, you consent to license it under the MIT License.

20. Informational Use - No Endorsements or Guarantees

The materials, data, and publications provided by TRADX are purely informational and are not intended to serve as financial, investment, or trading counsel or recommendations, nor are they endorsed or affirmed by TRADX. Any perspective or analysis expressed (which may be revised at any time without prior notice) is solely the viewpoint of the contributor and does not represent any guarantee of accuracy or completeness. Neither the contributors nor TRADX will be held accountable for any financial losses resulting from investments based on any perceived advice, prediction, or any other information available on the platform.The content on TRADX, including results from backtesting, metrics, trade histories, and past performances, should not be construed as an explicit or implied assurance or indication by TRADX that users will realize profits or that potential losses will be minimized if relying on the presented information.